The Kokatha People decided to form this Aboriginal Corporation to be the prescribed body corporate and to become the registered native title body corporate for the determined areas pursuant to section 57(2) of the NTA and to manage the native title rights and interests of the Common Law Holders.  

The Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation vision of improve the lives of Kokatha people is the driving influence of the Corporation.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to Improve the lives of Kokatha people, to achieve this we have developed 5 core themes

Professional Management of KAC

Governance, Structure, Approachable, Integrity, Smart Business

Ensure Cultural and Heritage interests are recognised and protected

Preserving our Culture, Heritage and Spiritual Values Teaching and sharing our principals.

Foster Learning and Development

Workplace Development, Training, Education, Scholarships

Drive Economic Prosperity

Investment, Joint venture’s, Business incubation, Employment opportunities to return to country.

Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Kokatha people

Advocate for members, Access to programs, Looking after Elders

Who makes up KAC?

Kokatha Common Law Holders