Aerial Baiting Program - Dec 2020

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Aerial Baiting Program - Dec 2020

Between 7-13 December PIRSA is using extended drought funding to run an aerial baiting program in the SA Arid Land region inside the Fence. The aerial baiting program targets inaccessible terrain. This timing is to coincide with the dispersal of young pups who might be out and about scavenging. The 1080 baits are made up of a combination of camel/horse/beef muscle meat which are semi dried.

PIRSA must notify all neighbours of properties who are participating in the program, so you can ensure domestic dogs don’t gain access to 1080 baits. Please ensure your domestic dogs and any of your staff’s dogs  are restrained or muzzled as these baits are dangerous to domestic dogs, even after a rain.

The flight paths will distribute 52,700 baits along 7,879kms of flight path across 81 properties.

Please note, these flight paths are approved by the associated landholders and the baits are dropped in accordance with the “Directions for Use of 1080 Bait for the Control of Wild Dogs” which provide restrictions on where baits can be dropped. Here’s a link to those directions 1080 Directions for use

The property names, dates and an approximate time of the day for the flights are listed below.

Here’s a bit of info from the pilots:

  • they’ll be flying at around 1,000 feet (weather dependent)
  • radio channels they use are the standard aviation frequency 126.7
  • UHF channel 20
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