AGM and KCLH meeting postponement

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AGM and KCLH meeting postponement
AGM and KCLH meeting postponement due to COVID Outbreak

The KAC Board has determined that the current COVID 19 outbreak means there is an unreasonable risk to the health and wellbeing of Kokatha people in convening the upcoming community meetings planned for February. KAC continues to manage the COVID-19 threat in accordance with current government advice, whilst also taking a precautionary approach to ensure as much protection of KAC members and staff as possible. KAC’s first priority remains the wellbeing of KAC members and staff. This decision is therefore based on the current SA Health data which reports:

  • a growing number of cases, hospitalisations and deaths across SA, including Port Augusta where the meeting is due to be held
  • an expected peak in cases no earlier than the end of January with a subsequent peak in hospitalisations and deaths expected in February
  • a significant gap in the vaccination rates of Aboriginal and non Aboriginal South Australians remains, presenter greater risk of transmission and ICU admission
  • identified higher risk of COVID transmission and severity within the Aboriginal community due to the disproportionate prevalence of underlying health conditions
  •  a clear government directive to minimise movement outside the home

As such KAC has applied to ORIC for permission to extend the date of the 2021 AGM beyond February 2022 due to the unreasonable public health risks that currently exist by this latest COVID -19 outbreak, and ORIC have advised this request will be granted.  The exception notice will be posted on the ORIC and KAC websites. The Board has determined to assess that risk at each Board meeting so that these community meetings can take place as soon as it is reasonable to do so. Directors have also authorised a communication strategy to ensure that information due to be presented at the AGM is readily available to members through mailouts, newsletters and social media. Finally, the matter of member voting – on the release of 2022 KCT funds and CHC family representatives – is also being finalised to ensure that despite these unprecedented times, KAC continues to provide service and support to Kokatha people. We will share further updates on this as it comes to hand.

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