Membership Application

What are the benefits of becoming a KAC Member?

Am I eligible to become a KAC Member?

The KAC Membership Application Process is laid out in the Rule Book and is as follows:

Stage 1


All prospective members must complete, sign and return a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM

Completed Membership Forms should be returned to
MAIL: PO BOX 3030,Port Augusta West, SA 5700
IN PERSON: 35 Flinders Terrace, PORT AUGUSTA SA 5700

Stage 2


Step 1

1. Directors will consider all applications for membership received at next meeting of Directors after received (assuming it is received within published cut off time for board papers)
NOTE: No Board Meetings are held in December or January so any applications received during this time will not be considered until the February meeting.

2. Directors will decide whether or not person applying for application is a Kokatha Common Law Holder (KCLH) and therefore eligible and will take into account the following in making their decision:

a) descent from a named ancestor (whether by birth or adoption); or 

b)  the place of birth of the applicant, their parents and grandparents; or

c)  their parents and grandparents association with the Determination area; or

d)  the length and nature of any physical association with, and knowledge of, the Determination area by the applicant; and

e)  whether or not the applicant is identified as Nguraritja for sites and places on the Determination area by other Kokatha native title holders; and

f)  has previously had their name entered on the register of Kokatha Common Law Holders.

The Directors may refer an application for Membership to the Culture and Heritage Committee for advice on the application. Any advice received is not binding on Directors

Step 2

If application is not approved under the basis that the applicant is not eligible (Rule 5.1(b)) the DIrectors must refer the application to the next meeting of the Culture and Heritage Committee (CHC) for a recommendation

Step 3

If the CHC members recommend refusing the membership, and the Directors agree with the recommendation, the Directors must advise applicant they may present their application to a meeting of Common Law Holders for resolution. 

Stage 3


Directors must notify the applicant in writing of the decision and the reason for it.

If application is approved the applicant’s name must be entered in the register of members within 14 days

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