Arid Recovery - additional electric fencing

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Arid Recovery - additional electric fencing

 Two hotwires are currently being added to the existing cat-proof fence at Arid Recovery. The new hotwires will run along the eastern and western boundaries of Arid Recovery, including where the SML fence and dog fence meet on both sides, and will also run along the internal Arid Recovery fence through the southern edge of the Red Lake Paddock. 


When the project is complete, the two wires will carry 6,000 V (and 1-4 Amps). They are at heights of 1.2 m and 1.5 m on the existing fence and run in two sections (east and west) powered by an energiser each. The energisers will have capacity to be turned off remotely.

Any station workers needing to have the hotwires isolated should contact Katherine Tuft, General Manager on 0439 752 009 . 24 hours’ notice is required for them to be turned off. Please note that they will only be turned off during daylight hours to ensure they remain an effective barrier to the feral cats and foxes. In Katherine’s absence please contact Nathan Manders, Conservation Land Management Officer, on 0432 838 345.

Warning signs will be sited at gates and other areas of high activity where people are at risk of coming in contact with the hotwires.

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