The Kokatha Aboriginal Board is elected to represent all Kokatha People and is responsible for governance, policy and strategy.

A new Board of eight Directors was appointed onto the  KAC Board on 18 November 2023. This is skills-based and governance-focused Board. 

The new Directors represent all Kokatha People in accordance with KAC’s status as an RNTBC to manage and represent the interests and rights of Kokatha common law holders.

Until the next AGM, the Board has elected Carly Chamberlain as Chairperson and Chereena Amos as Vice Chair. After the AGM a new Chairperson and Deputy Chair will be elected by the Board in accordance with the Rule Book Items 7.7.1 and 7.72


Vice Chair

Chereena Amos

Mel Reid

Janice Wingfield

Joyleen Thomas

Leeanne Strangways

Michael Turner

Independent Director