Community coming together to get vaccinated and keep our mob safe

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Community coming together to get vaccinated and keep our mob safe

In the last few weeks KAC has been proud to be able to leverage our relationship with OZ Mineral and BHP to secure some funding to run a Port Augusta community drive to get our mob vaccinated. The rates of indigenous vaccination in Port Augusta are amongst the lowest in the country and the community wanted to take action to drive those numbers up.

The funding received has allowed  2 events to be run to encourage people to get vaccinated or rewarding those who already have. The numbers that have turned up to those 2 days are beyond our wildest imaginations and we are so proud and happy for our mob. Reminding us of what can be achieved when we come together for positive outcomes. 

The first event was held on the Friday 19th November.

~ Over 360 Aboriginal attended the day after less than two days’ promotion of the event.
~ Sixty new vaccinations were delivered by the two Pika Wiya nurses in the space of 4 hours – a record for Port Augusta, taking over from the achievements of the Army who held the record previously.
~ People who could not be vaccinated on the day have booked in for the clinic at Umeewarra Media on Tuesday.
~ Vouchers were supplied to those Aboriginal people who provided proof of having been vaccinated.

The second event was held on Tuesday 30th November

~ 480 people on the day rocked up
~ 1,520 vouchers from Emma’s Deli and Terry Gardiner’s Meat & Smallgoods (760 each) were provided to Aboriginal people
~ 90 Aboriginal people were vaccinated in the space of 6 hours, with 80 being vaccinated for the first time
~ 400 sausages (donated by Terry Gardiner’s Meat & Smallgoods), 30 loaves of bread, 20kg of onions, many bottles of sauce and 20 slabs of water bottles (given the heat) were consumed, with Footsteps and Glen Wingfield providing the BBQ equipment & canopy, and volunteers doing the cooking and serving food to the People.

In addition to those turning up on these days there has been a massive increase of Aboriginal people having vaccinations between these events.  At Umeewarra alone (via the Pika Wiya pop-up vaccination unit) there was  197 vaccinations administered.

Proof of vaccinations were sighted for all the participants and an electronic record capture to ensure no abuse by way of people claiming what has already been delivered.

Events like also have a knock effect to the Port Augusta community with 2 local businesses Emma’s Deli and Terry Gardiner’s Meat & Smallgoods supporting us and as receiving an injection of cash into their business too. 

We look forward to continuing to support such outstanding economic, social and cultural outcomes throughout all Communities in and around Port Augusta.

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