Coronavirus (Covid 19) Frequently Asked Questions

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Coronavirus (Covid 19) Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian Government has created a Frequently Asked Questions sheet. 

This information sheet includes:

  • what is a coronavirus and COVID-19?
  • how is this coronavirus spread?
  • what are the symptoms of COVID-19?
  • what do I do if I develop symptoms?
  • should I be tested for COVID-19?
  • who needs to isolate?
  • should I self-isolate and get tested if I live with someone who is getting tested?
  • what does isolate in your home mean?
  • what is social distancing?
  • who is most at risk of a serious illness?
  • how is the virus treated?
  • how can we help prevent the spread of coronavirus?
  • can I visit family and friends in aged care facilities?
  • can I go to public gatherings such as concerts and sporting events?
  • what about indoor events like the gym, bars, movies and restaurants?
  • what about public transport like planes, buses, trains, ride shares and taxis?
  • my workplace has more than 100 people, can I still go to work?
  • should I be taking my kids out of childcare or school?
  • what about sports and activities?
  • should I wear a face mask?
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