Corporation Advisory Group members announced

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Corporation Advisory Group members announced

We are pleased to announce that the special administrator has made the following appointments to the KAC Corporation Advisory Group (CAG):

Amanda Dempsey
Trenna Franliw
Kahlia Gibson
Tanya Gill
Darryl Johnson
Elaine Moosha
Daniel Ramm
Jessica Reid
Sabrina Starkey
Tanya Swales
Roger Thomas

These people will be attending the first meeting of the advisory group on Thursday 23 January.

In special administration, the corporation does not have a board. Instead, the Corporation Advisory Group is formed to work with the special administrator to discuss governance, structural change and other matters prior to the corporation’s hand-back to the membership. Therefore, the Corporation Advisory Group is not a board and its members are not directors.

Membership of the Corporation Advisory Group may change during the special administration and it does not necessarily have representatives from each family group at this time. Members of the advisory group are required to act in the interests of the corporation and of all Kokatha people.

A big thank you to all Kokatha members for their part in the voting process. Your contribution was highly valued and played a major part in the identification and selection of the initial advisory group membership.

Congratulations to the newly-appointed Corporation Advisory Group members.

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