Corporation Advisory Group


The Corporation Advisory Group is a temporary body that works with the Special Administrator on governance, business, financial and structural change in preparation to hand the corporation back to members at the end of the special administration. It is not a board and its members are not directors.

In December 2019 KAC members had the opportunity to nominate their preferred representatives for the Corporation Advisory Group. This nomination process played a crucial part in the selection of the CAG members with 38 people being nominated .

The selection process took into consideration a nominated persons suitability for these business related positions and the initial CAG members were selected based on their skills and experience together with their ability to contribute to discussions on the commercial oversight of the corporation’s group of companies and trusts.

On January 21st, the special administrator appointed 11 people to the CAG:

Amanda Dempsey

Trenna Franliw

Kahlia Gibson

Tanya Gill

Darryl Johnson

Elaine Moosha

Daniel Ramm

Jessica Reid

Sabrina Starkey

Tanya Swales

Roger Thomas

Membership of the CAG is not fixed and may change as the special administration progresses.

For more information, see our regular newsletters or contact the Special Administrator directly
Peter McQuoid
(07) 3289 2596 
0435 018 879