KAC MEmbership Eligibility criteria

Becoming a Recognised Kokatha Common Law Holder (KCLH)

Being a recognised Kokatha Common Law Holder (KCLH) is essential to your application for KAC Membership.

So what are the requirements for becoming a recognised KCLH? The Kokatha Consent Determination determines that Kokatha Common Law Holders are those recognised by other Kokatha Native Title Holders as nguraritja for sites and places in the Determination Area by reason of ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING:


Is one of the following named individuals (where living) or is descended through birth or adoption from: 

Alma Allen

Arthur Baker

Hilda Captain

Susie Captain

Andrew Davis

Percy Davis

Stanley Davis

Ted Egan

Micky Fatt

Gladys Kite

Ted Larkins

Mick Reid

George Reid

William Smith

Dick Thomas

Edie Thomas

George Turner

Wild Mary

Eileen Wingfield


Posseses an ancestral connection with the Determination Area, in that his or her parent or grandparent was born in that country, had a long term physical association with that country and/or possesses significant geographic and culturally confidential knowledge relating to the Determination Area


Was born on the Determination Area (including, if the person was born in a hospital, the place where they would otherwise have been born)


Has a long-term physical association with the Determination Area and consequent knowledge of the country


Possesses significant geographic and culturally-confidential knowledge relating to the Determination Area under Kokatha traditional law and custom

For all membership enquiries go to membership@kokatharntbc.com.au