Interview with Jake Strangways - Kokatha Scholarship Awardee

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Interview with Jake Strangways - Kokatha Scholarship Awardee

KAC’s Sarcha Taylor in her role as Website Support Officer recently caught up with Kokatha man Jake Strangways to discuss his recent success in securing a scholarship with OZ Minerals and Exact. 

Thanks for the taking timeout of your busy studies Jake to have a yarn with Sarsha – and congratulation again!!

Jake Strangways has been awarded a tertiary scholarship that was created as part of the Western Access Road contract between Oz Minerals and Exact in 2020 and he recently had a yarn with me about how it is all going.

Jake is from Port Augusta and has successfully completed Year 12 and is gladly excited he took this great opportunity to currently study a Bachelor of Science at Flinders University Adelaide majoring in Environmental Geology and Cultural Anthropology,. Oceans and Estuaries, Oceans Processes and Remote sensing for all disciplines are the topics he is doing this semester for this year.

"The topics I did in SEM1 was Academic and professional communication, Earth and Environmental sciences, Environment and society and Nature of STEM. And in SEM2 in my first year was Marine sciences, Introduction into GIS, Mathematics Fundamentals A and From the Palaeolithic to Pompeii: An exploration of World Archaeology (Archaeology).
I am currently learning about the Environment and the Earth, the world Geology Earth science studying the ground, and how the two current works and the certain process's in the ocean up welling and down welling, and the Eco system works in sea life's benefit in the sea/ocean." Jake shares. 

Jake also gets selective Electives studies in Archaelogy that learns about the past history using mapping and analysis of the land and infrastructure.

Jake says its been challenging been away for so long from family and that he gets very homesick but would like to be confident and successfully complete his degree and be employed in the field he is currently studying and be more independent. He will complete his 3rd Year study in 2022 

Well done Jake, keep up the hard work.
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