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The new Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation Board of Directors duly elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 25th and 26th February 2023 is:

  • Carly Chamberlain (Chair)
  • Nyani Thomas (Vice-Chair)
  • Janice Wingfield
  • Leeanne Strangways
  • Denise Thomas
  • Mel Reid
  • Lynette Allen
  • Tracey Reid

Two Independent Directors will also be appointed to the Board soon.

The current Board of Directors would like to thank the Kokatha community for its support and for electing them to serve and work for the community. 

The current Board of Directors would also like to acknowledge the previous board members and their efforts during their period as Board Directors.

In accordance with the Corporation Rule Book, the new Board of Directors became current on 26th February 2023, when KAC members passed a resolution to elect the above mentioned as the new Board of Directors.

We would like to confirm the Draft Minutes for the AGM and CLH meeting on 25th and 26th February 2023 are available on the Kokatha website

The members’ resolution to remove the former KAC Board of Directors passed with an overwhelming majority voting in favour.

The ORIC register was updated by ORIC on 14th March 2023 (well within the 28 days required). This is an administrative requirement only.

 The Board of Directors is also aware that there was a short police investigation in relation to the members’ petition. This investigation was a decision made by some members of the previous Board of Directors. The current Board can confirm that the investigation has now been closed by SAPOL, with no unlawful findings nor further action required. Due to the members petition containing the personal and confidential information of those members who signed the petition, the Corporation cannot make the petition public.

The current Board of Directors has followed the Corporation’s Conflict of Interest Procedures, as required, to ensure that any conflicts are declared and managed appropriately.

The Board of Directors will meet with the Culture and Heritage Committee, Managers and Directors across the Corporation and its related companies. The Board members will  also conduct community consultations to give the community an opportunity to meet them and  discuss any concerns and provide feedback on how they would like to see the Corporation work for them.

In the coming weeks you will see personal profiles on each of your newly elected Board of Directors published on the Kokatha website.

The current Board of Directors is united and has the community interests at heart. The Directors are focused on ensuring that the Corporation continues to conduct its business and is working for the benefit of all Kokatha community members.


The Board has appointed two senior staff members, Glen Wingfield and Joyleen Thomas as Interim Co-CEOs for a period of 3-months while it advertises for and recruits a new CEO. This is a key priority for the new Board of Directors.


The new Board of Directors has heard the community’s feedback about the Wellbeing Round at the AGM and Common Law Holders Meeting. The finalisation of this matter has been a priority for the new Board of Directors. The Corporation will be announcing the distribution of these funds very soon. The Directors would also like to acknowledge the previous board’s efforts in negotiating this outcome.

– KAC BOARD  24/3/2023

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