KAC Annual Report 2019/2020

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KAC Annual Report 2019/2020

Following the submission  of the KAC 2019-20 Annual Report to ORIC in December 2020, this overview with more details for the Kokatha community and KAC stakeholders has been published. Copies will be distributed at the upcoming AGM and are available on request from our KAC Office for pick up or postage.

This is a report that all Kokatha people can be understandably proud of. It highlights a remarkable year of growth and support, achievements and impact despite the unexpected challenges 2019-2020 brought. Highlights include:

  • 492 KAC members received grocery support worth over $135,000 in April and June
  • $829,000 in direct support to Kokatha people was distributed through the Kokatha Charitable Trust
  • 16 new staff were employed through our recruitment policy, including 11 Kokatha members and 3 local Indigenous people
  • KAC membership grew from 754 members to 837 members
  • 2 budgets, 9 policies and a multitude of protocols were approved and implemented by the CAG/Board
  • 93 employees were supported by KAC payroll (16 more than last year despite COVID)
  • All KAC staff were kept safe and employed during COVID restrictions (only casual Heritage team services were suspended)
  • The Corporation is currently worth $6,069,518 which is an increased value of 6 % from the 2019
  • The net cash generated by operational activities has almost trebled- 293% increase
  • The cash at bank  has increased by 31 % increase over the 2019 balance
  • The cost of board meetings has halved
  • Financial assistance to members increased from $292,748 in 2019 to $835,001 in 2020.  This is almost a three fold increase in support to Kokatha people (285 %)

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