KAC - Lore and Culture Sub Committee

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KAC - Lore and Culture Sub Committee

Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation recently formed a Lore and Culture Sub- Committee to provide information and advice to the corporation on matters of Kokatha Lore and Culture. The group currently consists of 4 Kokatha female Elders and 4 Kokatha male Elders. The elected co-chairs of the sub-committee are Glen Wingfield and Barbara Amos.

At its first meeting in September, this group also committed to the following priorities:

  1. Language retention
  2. Maintaining cultural heritage
  3. Developing and delivering cultural respect training
  4. Establishing a Men’s and a Women’s Group
  5. Engage and develop a youth group
  6. Support Kokatha members to attend Men’s and Women’s business
  7. Provide advice and input to KAC stakeholders
  8. Develop a Kokatha Lore and Culture strategy
The next meeting of the group will focus on the Woomera Heritage Management Plan.
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