Kokatha Bridge Art Finalised

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Kokatha Bridge Art Finalised

PW2PA who are building the new Port Augusta Bridge sort artwork from 3 local aboriginal groups to be displayed on the new bridge. The successful art work has been picked and those pieces of art will appear etched in metal along the length of  the bridge. 

JOURNEY ACROSS COUNTRY – COMING TOGETHER by Jasmine and Leah Brown and Sandra and Sarcha Taylor

This artwork recognises Port Augusta as a meeting place for people to come together

THE SEVEN SISTERS by Paulette, Maureen and Shirley Williams.

This artwork recognises the Umewarra Lake in Port Augusta as being part of the 7 Sisters Dreaming

These 2 beautiful pieces have been combined to produce this spectacular banner.

Congratulations to all the artists and everyone involved in coordinating this art project.

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