Kokatha Enterprise Manager (relieving) Role

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Kokatha Enterprise Manager (relieving) Role

Following the departure of Giac Consalvo from KAC, Corporate Service Manager Angela Nicholls has been appointed to relieve in the Kokatha Enterprise Manager position until February 2022 when recruitment for the role will be undertaken.

In addition to the outstanding management she undertaken since joining KAC in September 2020, Angela has come to KAC with 20 years remote site experience. This included 10 years at PA & CI Martin within the construction industry working with Local government, State government, mining and Tier 1 and Tier 2 Construction companies. During this time KAC got to know Angela better as the company secretary of the Kokatha Martin Joint Venture. Most recently she has also completed a dual Masters in Business Administration Management and Global Project Management.

We look forward to seeing what more can be achieved managing the exciting Kokatha Enterprises portfolio!

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