Kokatha Management of Lake Mary over Easter 2022

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Kokatha Management of Lake Mary over Easter 2022

Happy Easter Everyone from management and staff at Roxby Downs Station

Kokatha Management of Lake Mary over Easter 2022

Lake Mary is an important Kokatha mythological site located on a working cattle property known as Purple Downs Station. The Station is managed by Kokatha Pastoral Pty Ltd. Lake Mary is a freshwater lake which holds substantial water supplies for several years after good rain. The margins of the lake have important archaeological camp sites from the large traditional gatherings of people that were held there in the past.

Kokatha Pastoral Pty Ltd seeks to establish culturally appropriate ways for the Public to experience Lake Mary which has high conservation, heritage and cultural values and is sensitive to visitor impacts.

Kokatha Pastoral Pty Ltd management strongly discourages the Public to visit Lake Mary.

Recent rain will provide an opportunity for the Lake and surrounding area to recover from degradation caused by previous high visitor impact.

There has been recent disrespectful activities at the Lake that has caused significant damage.

Therefore, the Public is discouraged to visit Lake Mary, however the following Management Rules apply for people who visit:

  1. Daylight hours only, with no camping allowed unless by permit.
  2. Gated single access point of highway and vehicle track to be always used.
  3. Dogs and cats are not permitted. (Area regularly baited).
  4. Chainsaws and the collection of firewood not permitted.
  5. Motorbikes, Side X Sides, Quads or Buggy’s not permitted.
  6. Recreational driving not permitted.
  7. Drive only on well worn tracks, do not leave tracks in your vehicle.
  8. Removal of rocks, soil or vegetation not permitted.
  9. All rubbish must be removed by users. •
  10. Public enters at OWN RISK.  
  11. Government COVID-19 regulations/practices must always be adhered to.

Kokatha Pastoral Pty Ltd management will be conducting daily visits to Lake Mary over Easter. Kokatha Pty Ltd management seeks help from the Public to ensure Management Rules are followed and our land and heritage continues to be protected and enjoyed by future generations of Kokatha families.

For further information or damage report, please email kplivestock@kokatharntbc.com.au

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