Kokatha Mining Services Update

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Kokatha Mining Services Update

Road Maintenance Crew

• The Road Maintenance Crew is responsible for Road Maintenance on the Southern Access Road in and out of Carrapateena.
• The crew consists of 4 full time Kokatha employees.
• The RMC have continued to meet the Oz Minerals and Kokatha Key Performance Indicators and all crew members are experienced in the work they currently undertake.
• There is positive feedback provided on the road condition from users of the road on a weekly basis.
• Having experienced Road Maintenance Crew members will continue to provide safe conditions for all users of the Carrapateena Southern Access Road.
• The RMC also do all job requirements associated with road maintenance this includes; traffic control – sign repairs and cleaning – established an ESO training area for Oz Minerals.
• Oz Minerals has advised the RMC is doing a great job and provided very positive feedback.

Dust Suppression

• The Dust Suppression provides all unsealed road dust suppression within the Carrapateena mine site area by use of a Heavy Rigid Water Truck.
• The Crew consists of 2 Kokatha employees on a rotating roster.
• This service is maintained to Oz Minerals on a daily basis and continues to meet the Oz Minerals and Kokatha Key Performance Indicators.
• This service is also used in any areas within Carrapateena as directed by Oz Minerals but focuses on the mine site unsealed road areas watered to provide a high standard of dust suppression.
• On occasions the dust suppression team participate in extra duties for Oz Minerals as requested.  This enables an engaged relationship between Oz Minerals and Kokatha.

Lab Courier Services

• The Lab Courier Service provides predominately the Mining Samples transport daily from Carrapateena to the laboratory in Whyalla.
• The Crew consists of 2 Kokatha employees on a rotating roster.
• This service also provides to Oz Minerals a courier service with pick up and delivery to the Carrapateena warehouse. 
• This services operates daily and has continued to meet the Oz Minerals and Kokatha Key Performance Indicators, utilising a 4WD on days the Van is unable to complete a daily run due to weather conditions.
• Within the last 4 months the Lab Courier Services has included return freight from various companies including Oz Minerals and this includes a fee for service, an opportunity for Kokatha to begin to expand business ventures.

Refrigerated Van
Exact and Australian Camp Services

• This service began 4 months ago for Kokatha to provide the food delivery to Exact Contracting at Mount Gunson Camp on the Western Access Road Project.
• This service is provided by a Kokatha employee 3 days per week from Whyalla to Mount Gunson Camp.
• ACS has provided very positive feedback on the delivery service and the driver, who is passionate about the work he does.
• This service will continue through out the Western Access Road project and with Glenn gaining the experience to become a professional skilled refrigerated food service driver.
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