Kokatha Pastoral


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The Stations

The Kokatha people inhabited the Roxby/Andamooka region prior to white settlement and many artefacts and many significant and burial sites are found throughout the properties Purple Downs, Roxby Downs and Andamooka Stations.

Purple Downs was the first pastoral station settled in the district in 1901 by Greenfields, and the historic Greenfield cemetery still stands behind the Purple Downs homestead. The large homesteads and woolsheds on Andamooka, Roxby Downs and Purple Downs stations, along with many outstations and shepherds’ huts, attest to the high numbers of sheep and workers the stations once supported. Purple Downs, in particular, was also an important site for weapons testing based at Woomera after World War II and considerable historic infrastructure from that time remains.

WMC Resources strategically purchased the Andamooka, Roxby Downs and Purple Downs pastoral leases surrounding the Olympic Dam Mining Lease in 1995. The Kokatha people were granted a native title determination over the properties area on 1 September 2014. The land tenure of the stations is pastoral lease with the head leases held by BHP Olympic Dam Corporation (Olympic Dam). To date, KP has derived much of its operational income from the agistment of livestock on various areas of land as they became suitable via adequate infrastructure, feed and water.

Combined the stations currently run 2,000 high grade Angus agistment cattle.

The Business

Kokatha Pastoral Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation managers Purple Downs, Roxby Downs and Andamooka Stations. 500,000 hectares of pastoral lease located 568km northwest of Adelaide.

6 Points for delivering economic, environmental, social and cultural outcomes:

  1. Maintain a robust and capable business by enacting the 2020 – 2025 business plan. (Include BP link)
  2. Grow diverse enterprises that provide benefits for Kokatha land and people.
  3. Better understand and improve land and natural resources and increase biodiversity, enabling additional profitable businesses and employment outcomes, including a Ranger Program.
  4. Complete pastoral and tourism infrastructure programs to a professional level and above industry standards.
  5. Provide employment and business opportunities for Kokatha people delivering pastoral, cultural tourism and environmental services in a sustainable, profitable, cash-flow positive manner.
  6. Increased awareness, understanding and records of the properties’ Indigenous and nonIndigenous cultural sites and values, with a key requirement being engagement of Elders to pass on traditions and cultural aspects.

Work with us

Kokatha People

For KP to achieve our outcomes, the focus is to grow the business in partnership with Kokatha families, government agencies, nongovernment organisations, local businesses and corporate Australia. For more information on partnership opportunities or employment with Kokatha Pastoral contact ----