Meet the Team - Carly Chamberlain

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Meet the Team - Carly Chamberlain
Carly Chamberlain – Acting Trainee Manager

Background: Kokatha, Antakirinja and Mirning

Carly joined KAC after gathering significant work experience both in Port Augusta and in QLD. She was a Customer Advisor with a large bank for over 7 years and as a Supervisor at Port Augusta Youth Centre she had many roles including running a Women’s Group and a Children’s Group. She originally joined KAC on a casual basis working within the Admin team at the end of 2019 and has recently taken on the Acting role as Trainee Manager.  

Carly’s day to day job spans many aspects of the KAC organisation. She is the Charitable Trust Secretariat, assisting people to apply for financial support that the Trust makes available, as well as being the Culture and Heritage Committee Secretariat. She works alongside the Heritage Services Manager and supports the significant administrative and management demands of this central KAC service delivery area. Her role as Trainee Manager also requires her to learn and understand the operational matters of the rapidly expanding corporation that is KAC.

Carly is really enjoy working for the Kokatha community – being connected with community and being able to assist them. Learning more about culture and heritage through this job is important to her and she is embracing the opportunity to develop and learn new skills.

Her focus for next 6 months is to learn as much as she can about the Culture and Heritage of Kokatha people as well as absorbing as much knowledge as she can about the operational side of KAC.

Carly can be contacted on:

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