Financial Support

Financial Support

Financial Support is available to Kokatha people and is designed to improve the quality of the lives of Kokatha people.

Financial Support

Health & Wellbeing

Back to school



The Kokatha General Trust and Board of Directors have made funds available for the Wellbeing Round from 21 August to 13 October 2023.

All applications must be sent with quotes attached to or PO Box 3030 Port Augusta, SA 5700.

Applications forms can be downloaded by clicking the link below, or collected from the KAC Office at 35 Flinders Terrace, Port Augusta.

education scholarship 2023

The Kokatha Education Scholarship Round 2 for 2023 is now open.

Kokatha people will be able to apply for funding of up to $10,000 per person to assist with the costs of an eligible educational course.

Closes Monday 23 October 2023.

Sporting Contribution

The Special Circumstances Sporting Contribution Fund exists to support individuals with the costs associated with participating in specific sporting occasions.

Health Assistance

The Kokatha Charitable Trust Trustees have made funding available for distribution during this financial year (July 2023- June 2024).

The limits are $1000 per adult per year, children under 18 must apply using the parent/caregivers allocated funds.

You can apply more than once per year until your limit is reached.

back to school applications

Kokatha and the Kokatha Charitable Trust have made funds available to support students K-12 with education costs.

The limit is now $1500.00 per student per year.

Applications close 14 April 2023.

Funeral Assistance

Funeral assistance is available to help cover the cost of funeral related expenses for Kokatha people.

The Kokatha Charitable Trust Trustees have made $70,000 available for distribution during this financial year (July 2021- June 2022).


The aim of this program is to provide Kokatha individuals with financial support to participate in activities that promote cultural heritage, traditional ceremonial activities, preservation of Kokatha knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of Kokatha traditions, culture, heritage and the environment.

Kokatha Charitable Trust Deed