Mural of Belonging Launch with Kokatha students

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Mural of Belonging Launch with Kokatha students

Kokatha Elder Lynette Strangways attended the official opening of the Mural of Belonging at Flinders View Primary School in Port Augusta on Friday 27th September 

The mural which was painted by local Aboriginal artist Scott Rathman incorporates the handprints and animal designs drawn by pre-school students with the support of schools Kokatha  students. 

The mural at the school was made possible as a result of a contribution made by Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation.

Lynette Strangways, Kokatha Elder
Kokatha Students - Tamira Lindsay, Taya Hamilton, Leekeshia Buzzacott, Quinesha Johnson, Yuelan Schmerl and Suzanne Strangways
Kokatha Students - Chloe Miller-Thomas, Suzanne Stevens, Kahmeshah Wilton, Kyeishah Wilton, Tamyelia Reid, Janiquea Miller-Thomas, Nikiaya Weetra, Stephanie Strangways, Emma Strangways, Taliyah Baker, Cordell Sailor, Shanae Wilton, Nydell Sailor, Tamira Lindsay, Aliesha Kennedy, Allira Coulthard, Lionel Miller-Thomas
Mural of Belonging
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