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Dear Kokatha Community Members,

We are pleased to share with the community a report on the attendance of our Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation (KAC) Board of Directors at the 3rd National Indigenous Empowerment Summit, held from August 22 to 25,
2023, in Cairns. This summit was an important event focused on empowering Indigenous communities across Australia.

Our board members actively participated in various sessions, workshops, and discussions during the summit, with the goal of gaining valuable insights, networking with other Indigenous communities, and bringing back
knowledge and ideas.

Key highlights from the summit:

  1. Empowerment Through Education: The summit emphasised the significance of education
    in Indigenous empowerment. Our board members engaged in discussions about educational opportunities and strategies to improve access to quality experiences for our Kokatha youth.
  2. Cultural Preservation: There were several presentations on preserving and celebrating Indigenous culture. Our Directors were inspired by initiatives from other communities and explored ideas to strengthen our own efforts in preserving culture and heritage, particularly through social programs.
  3. Economic Empowerment: Economic development was a significant theme of the summit. Our board members attended sessions on sustainable economic practices, entrepreneurship, and business partnerships.
  4. Health and Wellbeing: The wellbeing of our community members was a focal
    point. The Board was presented with strategies for improving access to healthcare services and promoting healthy lifestyles within the community.
  5. Community Engagement: The importance of community involvement and engagement was
    reiterated throughout the summit. Our directors exchanged ideas on how to enhance community participation and decision-making in Kokatha.
  6. Networking:
    Our board members had the opportunity to connect with other Indigenous leaders, organisations, and government representatives. These connections will be valuable in fostering collaborations and accessing resources for our community.
  7. Advocacy:
    The summit also provided insights into effective advocacy and lobbying techniques. Our Board is now better equipped to represent Kokatha’s interests and concerns at regional and National levels.

The board also invited to attended Cape Yorke Land Councils Oration. This provided valuable insight into:

        The fight for acknowledgment and constant battle
institutional suppression endured the groups that make the Cape Yorke Land

        Combatting discrimination and enhancing
community benefit through internal community engagement.

As a result of our participation in the 3rd National Indigenous Empowerment Summit, the KAC Board of Directors is better positioned to implement new strategies and initiatives to further empower our community.
We are excited to share the knowledge and inspiration gained during the summit with all community members.

For more details about the summit, you can visit the official website at

If you have any questions or suggestions related to our attendance at the summit or any other community matters, please feel free to reach out to us. We value your input and support as we continue our journey
toward a stronger and more empowered Kokatha Aboriginal Community.

Wishing you all wellbeing and prosperity.


Kokatha Aboriginal Community Board of Directors

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