Pastoral Lands Bill - open for review

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Pastoral Lands Bill - open for review

The Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989 is currently under review, with a proposal to replace it with legislation that reflects the current and future aspirations for the use of the pastoral rangelands.  Following extensive consultation, the Pastoral Lands Bill 2020 has been developed with a number of key proposed changes/improvements which include:

  • Extending lease lengths from 42 years up to 100-year leases, to allow for long-term investment decisions.
  • Objects of the Act will allow for leases to be used for other purposes that will have a greater benefit to the wider pastoral industry.
  • Alternate land-uses can be approved, where appropriate, with the operational detail to be set by policy.
  • More frequent assessments, required every 10 years, using the latest technology.
  • Assessing the capacity of land for its ability to support the natural ecology and biodiversity of the land without intervention– an underpinning principle of the Act.
  • Public access routes to remain but will be more clearly geographically defined.
  • Stronger compliance tools and penalties for those who misuse the land – including lessees being held to account for impacts on neighbouring non-pastoral lands
  • Sub lessees will also be held accountable to same level as lessees for non-compliance.
  • Improvements to the interactions between government agencies and related legislation with the Minister for the Pastoral Lands Act required to be consulted before any rights can be granted under another Act over a pastoral lease.
  • Creation of a public register that will provide a one stop shop of relevant information regarding pastoral leases, whilst still maintaining confidentiality requirements.
  • Greater flexibility for the use of the Pastoral Lands Fund.
  • The Bill is now out for public consultation and you are encouraged to have your say.  The feedback received will help inform the final content, before the Bill is lodged in Parliament in early 2021.

Consultation is open until 18 October.  Please go to to download a copy of the Bill and the Explanatory Guide and have your say.  

Public meetings

  • Monday 21 September – Leigh Creek – Auditorium 4 – 7 PM
  • Tuesday 22 September – Yunta – Town Hall 3 – 6 PM
  • Thursday 24 September – Port Augusta – Golf Club 9 AM – 12 noon
  • Thursday 24 September – Coober Pedy – Golf Club 7 – 10 PM
  • Marree 25 September – Marree – Marree Hotel 5:30 – 8:30
  • Monday 28 September – Adelaide – Playford Hotel 1- 4 PM
To attend one of these meetings email
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