RARB benefits for Aboriginal People

RARB benefits for aboriginal people

Artwork by Tamika Reid

KAC’s appointment of RARB status is beneficial to all Aboriginal people.

Under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 (SA) (Act), the key responsibility of a RARB is to understand and represent the views of all Traditional Owners of Aboriginal heritage that may be the subject of proposed activities within KAC’s RARB appointment area.

The Act defines a Traditional Owner (TO) as an Aboriginal person who, in accordance with Aboriginal tradition, has social, economic or spiritual affiliations with, and responsibilities for, an Aboriginal site or object.

People can apply to be recognised as a Traditional Owner (TO) for heritage within the Kokatha Native Title Consent Determination Area (NTCDA). Being listed on the TO Register means that you are recognised, that you are acknowledged as having heritage rights.

As a RARB, KAC will work with all TOs to ensure their heritage is protected in accordance with the Act and its RARB policies. TOs will have direct input into how Aboriginal cultural heritage is managed under development.

As a registered TO, you have the right to be informed of heritage matters . You have the right to be consulted. And you may be included in negotiations that are held with stakeholders. 

KAC’s RARB status presents us all with an opportunity for uniting. 

Another significant benefit of KAC’s RARB appointment is the opportunity it presents to other South Australian groups to follow the path paved by KAC and earn their own appointment to RARB status.

KAC can collaborate with other groups to successfully apply for RARB status by supporting their understanding of how we achieved status, show what has worked for us, and help groups to focus on taking a successful Governance approach.

If other groups are appointed RARB status, we are ensuring Aboriginal Heritage across Australia is protected and done so by our people, for our people, and for generations to come.


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KAC and RARB – Aboriginal Benefits



KAC and RARB – Aboriginal Benefits


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