RARB Benefits for Kokatha People

RARB Benefits for kokatha people

Artwork by Tamika Reid

The appointment of RARB Status for KAC is Historic. It is also beneficial. There are many benefits for Kokatha people as a result of this appointment.

RARB status means that Kokatha people are recognised as Traditional Owners (TO’s) of Kokatha heritage in the Kokatha Native Title Consent Determination Area under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 (SA) (Act)

Kokatha people now have the right to protect and manage all Aboriginal heritage in the KAC Native Title Consent Determination Area under the law, not just Kokatha heritage. Prior to this RARB appointment the State Government held this responsibility. The responsibility is now handed back to Kokatha people.

It also means that we have the right to negotiate agreements and benefits with stakeholders.

As the journey towards Self Determination continues, the appointment of RARB status is an clearly identifiable step forwards. 

And with this responsibility comes opportunity. The opportunity to show leadership, the first step on getting back to the way it should be done. Aboriginal people making decisions for Aboriginal matters following cultural protocols.



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KAC and RARB – Kokatha Benefits



KAC and RARB – Kokatha Benefits


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