Space Mission returning to Woomera on 6 Dec

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Space Mission returning to Woomera on 6 Dec

The Countdown is on until the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Hayabusa2 Missions return to earth scheduled to land at Woomera on 6th December 2020. The Australian Space Agency team will be at Woomera today and tomorrow to answer any questions you may have! Australia is playing a small but important role in the Hayabusa2 mission, and the use of the Woomera land has been vital to mission success.

The Hayabusa2 mission has three objectives: to expand our scientific knowledge of the universe, for Japan to develop unique technology for outer space exploration, and to venture to new frontiers. Hayabusa2 is carrying the first ever sub-surface asteroid sample, and one of only a few extra-terrestrial samples to have ever been brought to Earth, so could give us insight into how life on Earth may have formed.

The Australian Space Agency is committed to recognising Indigenous Australians. They acknowledge a strong link between space and Australia’s Indigenous people, who are the world’s oldest astronomers. Their brand captures Australia’s powerful cultural heritage and the spirit of the Agency—one that will look to space to provide real improvements for life on Earth.  

This animated video tells the story of the Australian Space Agency’s brand identity.

The Agency, JAXA, the Department of Defence and a number of other government agencies are all working together to conduct the recovery of the sample in Woomera this week, in accordance with COVID-19 requirements. The Agency is leading coordination across the Commonwealth and South Australian Government to maintain oversight of the entire mission and bring together a range of authorities from different agencies, under which JAXA must conduct their recovery mission. The Agency also has an important regulatory role to ensure the safety of space activities, including authorising JAXA to land the sample capsule in Australia.

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