The Kokatha Pastoral Board - Futures Planning

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The Kokatha Pastoral Board - Futures Planning

The Kokatha Pastoral Board are due ratify a 2020-25 Business Plan next month that clearly outlines how the Pastoral business will diversify its income streams and ensure more Return to Country opportunities for Kokatha peoples.

On the 27th and 28th August, KP Directors met with various stakeholders for a two day workshop that led to the formulation of the draft plan. All participants were housed in the newly completed accommodation quarters at the Roxby Downs Station Homestead. Representatives from Roxby Council, Indigenous Land and Sea Council, BHP Billiton, Arid Recovery and KAC senior staff collaborated with the Kokatha Pastoral Board to work out how to deliver on the vision of Building the capability of the Kokatha people to preserve and sustain country, whilst providing sustainable individual and business opportunities.

The 2020 business plan will target Kokatha training and employment, partnership agreements, tourism, horticulture, land management and conservation as a means to achieving its vision.

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