Update on Aboriginal Housing Strategy - 31 August 2020

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Update on Aboriginal Housing Strategy - 31 August 2020

Update on Aboriginal Housing Strategy

As part of its work with the South Australian Aboriginal community and partner organisations to develop a new 10-year Aboriginal Housing Strategy, the State Government has extended state-wide engagement until early October 2020, with the final strategy now to be launched in April 2021.

This revised timeframe caters for the limitations and restrictions that have been placed upon full engagement as previously planned on the strategy, with this extension we will ensure that we are hearing and capturing the diverse voices of as many Aboriginal people and communities as possible, which is vital to the development of a successful and meaningful Strategy.

Feedback and ideas provided during the initial engagement during July 2020, have provided a great foundation that now underpins discussions during this further round of engagement. Extending consultation, particularly with Aboriginal communities, allows for a deeper understanding of opportunities across the housing spectrum, which will help to embed more secure and affordable housing for Aboriginal South Australians.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting (PIC) will continue to lead the engagement process, in close consultation with SA Housing Authority. We are very mindful of the current restrictions in place due to COVID-19 and will ensure all engagement is undertaken in line with these restrictions. However, wherever possible consultation will be face to face and Aboriginal-led. Community members, organisations and other key stakeholders, including those who were unable to take part in the initial round of consultations, are invited to be a part of the extended conversation.

PIC has begun contacting stakeholders, however if you would like to be a part of the consultation process, or would like to provide direct feedback, please contact PIC Director, Jay Edmondson at jay.edmondson@pwc.com or call 0420 606 813.

The Aboriginal Community Housing Questionnaire remains open for all Aboriginal people who live in South Australia to complete and share with their community. This provides the opportunity for all Aboriginal South Australians to have the chance to have their voice heard and help inform the strategy. The questionnaire will remain open until 30 September 2020.Hard copy questionnaires are available upon request. Written Submissions continue to be received to enable all possible engagement opportunities to remain in active.

We will continue to provide updates as we progress. In the meantime, if you need further information about the strategy please contact Glen Michels, Manager Aboriginal Housing Strategy, at glen.michels@sa.gov.au or 0459 853 348.

Thank you again for your ongoing interest and commitment to improving housing outcomes for Aboriginal people across South Australia

Shona Reid, Chair, Aboriginal Advisory Committee

Deb Dickson, Acting Executive Director, Customers and Services

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