Updated KAC Code of Conduct

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Updated KAC Code of Conduct

The KAC Board of Directors approved updates to the 2020 Code of Conduct at their last Board Meeting. The Code aligns the KAC Rule Book and the corporations legislated workplace and commercial requirements. It now provides more information and guidance on how it works in practice with a good meeting guide and case studies includes. Further case studies and supporting documentation will be added as required. A poster to display the Codes main points is also currently under development.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to outline the standards of expected behaviour and the consequences of not meeting those standards. These standards are required to ensure all KAC members, directors, volunteers, employees and contractors can participate safely and harmoniously to achieve the KAC core themes. KAC values its members, clients, staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors and believe theta people who are engaged by or interact with the organisation deserve to be treated professionally and with respect. Equally all staff and members have a right to a safe place of work.

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