Positive Partnerships creating Employment Opportunities

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Positive Partnerships creating Employment Opportunities


ISS Facilities commitment to Kokatha and Aboriginal Employment is written within their companies Indigenous Participation Plan. 
A joint information session of KAC, ISS and Oz Minerals was held in Port Augusta to promote the employment opportunities that exist at the Carrapateena Camp utilities and within ISS regionally.
The information session provided participants with a Q&A session and the opportunity to register their interest on the day.
11 Kokatha and 26 Aboriginal candidates submitted an expression of interest.
Zancott Recruitment was engaged by ISS to facilitate a labour hire agreement and assist with onboarding to employment requirements.  The engagement of Zancott provided additional supports to interested candidates as well as an opportunity to ensure success towards retention and potential ongoing employment intakes.

The Kokatha Employment and Training Area continues to work with ISS and Zancott Recruitment providing additional supports, contacts and assistance as required for the success of employment and retention to Kokatha and Aboriginal Community Members.


On the 29th October 2021,  5 new candidates commenced working with ISS at Carrapateena in the Camp Utility area’s.

3rd November 2021, the Kokatha Employment & Training Coordinator attended a ‘Welcome to ISS’ morning tea held at Carrapateena.  This also provided the participants an opportunity to speak about their experiences so far and to identify and address any issues of concern. 

There is a real commitment by ISS, Zancott and Kokatha towards retention of Kokatha and Aboriginal People to ensure the success of long term employment. 

This Partnership will continue to evolve and grow and we hope it can set an example of how we can work together to achieve successful employment and retention strategies for Kokatha and Aboriginal People.
Good luck to the new ISS employees, we are here to help you on your journey to a successful career within ISS.

Good luck to the new ISS employees, we are here to help you on your journey to a successful career within ISS.

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